Quran Competition

The AHC Academy will be hosting our third annual Quran Competition between the months of April – May inshallah! We are very excited to re-introduce this competition to our students, and let it be a means by which they are inspired to learn, grow, and excel in their own Quran journey. This competition aims to gather participants from all age and Quranic levels and instill a love for the Quran.

Who can participate?

The competition will be voluntary and open to all students at the AHC Academy. Students can register online with the help of their parents via the registration form below.

When and where will the competition take place?

There are two rounds of the competition. The first preliminary round of the competition will occur in April and the finals in May inshallah. Dates will be communicated shortly inshallah. The competition will be held in-person.

What type of Quran Competition is this?

This competition will be a memorization-based contest. Students will not be allowed to read directly from the Quran. Rather they will be tested on the quality of their memorization, ad proper tajweed and pronunciation.

The Quran competition will be divided into 5 categories:

Level 1 – JK/SK – (Al-Ikhlas – Al-Qari’ah)

Level 2 – Grades 1/2/3 (Al-Ikhlas – Al-Ghashiya)

Level 3 – Grades 4/5/6 (Al-Ikhlas – Al-Takwir)

Level 4 – Grades 7/8 (Al-Ikhlas – An-Naba)

ADVANCED – All Grades – Three Juz (Juz ‘Ama – Juz Qad Sami’a)

General Rules:

1) This year there are 5 different categories. Levels 1-4 are based on grade level, while the advanced round will be open to students of all grades.

2) Students are allowed to either join their grade level, or advanced or both.

3) There will be 2 rounds of the competition! Each round will held in front of the whole school and streamed online via Zoom for parents to watch at home. Families of the participating students will be able to come in person!

4) The first round will determine which 6-7 students will move on to the final round in each category.

5) Out of the 6-7 finalists in each category, there will be 3 winners in first, second, and third place.

6) There will be prizes given to the top 3 winners of each category.

7) The judging will be conducted by qualified judges that are not current AHC Academy teachers (Final Round).

8) Contestants must register within their grade/category.

The Rules of Judging:

In each category the contestants will be asked to recite three different sections from three Surahs (Selected at Random) selected by the judges. We will provide a rubric for all contestants as well inshallah! The judges will be looking for:

1) The quality of the memorization

2) The proper pronunciation/tajweed of the letters and words

3) Tarteel (rhythm), presentation and ability to control the voice

4) Overall enthusiasm and effort

Stay tuned for more information! If there are any questions or clarifications please E-mail me at any time inshallah! E-Mail: principal@abuhuraira.org

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"I feel excited coming to AHC Academy each day! I learn a lot everyday!" Subhan - Grade 3
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“I feel excited coming to AHC Academy each day! I learn a lot everyday!” Subhan – Grade 3
"I love AHC Academy! I learn about salah, math, and I have so much fun!"  Mariam - Grade 2
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“I love AHC Academy! I learn about salah, math, and I have so much fun!”  Mariam – Grade 2
Abu Huraira Center Academy
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