As salam alaikum Grade 3/4 Class,
Welcome back to a new school year!
I am thrilled that you all are part of this community of learners. I want to share my excitement and provide you with some information about the fantastic experience we will face this year.
Here are a few things I’d like you to know:
1) It is normal to feel a mix of emotions as a new year begins. Many kids, and even adults, return to school feeling excited, worried, nervous, and anxious. Remember, we are all in this together, and you are not alone! Allah will always be there for you!
2) We, at AHC Academy, care deeply about each and every student in school. If you ever feel like you need support from me, such as help on your work, a listening ear, or guidance on how to handle a problem, p[ease let me know. I, and all the staff of AHC Academy, are here to help you!
3) Like any year, we will face challenges, successes, frustrations, and joys together. Through it all, I will help you reach your learning goals and dreams, encourage you to achieve your personal best, and guide you to the best possible version of yourself.
4) Whether you are learning remotely or face-to-face, I am prepared to support your learning journey. Feel free to ask for help!
I look forward to seeing you discover, grow, develop, and nurture your dreams and goals. See you all in September!
Sr. Asha