Daily Schedule

Please download the 2020/2021 AHC Academy daily class schedule using the link below (Updated April 19th, 2021):

Scheduling Procedures

The AHC Academy will give parents the option to either send their kids to school, or stay home and participate in the class virtually. We respect and understand the decisions of our parents and guardians.

1)    Class Timings

Classes will take place 4 days a week in person from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Friday classes will be online through ZOOM. All classes will be live streamed through ZOOM synchronously:

Parents will choose between two schooling options

  1. In-School Option (17 Students Per Class):
    • School will run full-time in person from Monday-Thursday with Fridays online.
    • Fridays online will help reduce the risk associated with the increased number of people within and around the masjid setting for Jummah.
    • We will re-asses the Friday sessions by mid October based on ministry updates.
  2. Online Option (6 Students Per Class):
    • Classes will be held online live daily from Monday-Friday through ZOOM.
    • These classes will be synchronous to that which is occurring in class.
    • Each teacher will be provided with a laptop and wireless mic so students who choose to stay at home can access classes live.
    • Online classes will cover the whole days schedule while excluding gym, recess, lunch and snack.
  • Please contact the principal by email or phone with your decision before the start of school.
  • We will not allow switching between the two options if the class capacity reaches 17 students.

2)    Class work/Homework

Homework and ZOOM links will be posted on Google Classroom for each class. Make sure to visit the Online Class Resource page on the AHC Academy website for links and class codes:


  • Please make sure students use an e-mail with their full name when signing up to Google Classroom.
  • For those families who choose the online classes, work package will prepared and ready for pick up on every Thursday before the planned week inshallah.
  • Teachers will provide work/homework packages that match the daily lesson plan. This will allow students to follow along while participating in the class online.
  • A pickup box with students name will be placed near the main entrance so parents and guardians can pick up the work at any time between Thursday-Sunday.

3)    School Entry and Dismissal

  • Parents and students must line up together using the new entry sidewalk near the main doors, to wait for their turn to enter and be screened.
  • Teachers will be in their classrooms by 8:20 am sharp so students can go directly into class as soon as they arrive.
  • To ensure a seamless entry and dismissal we will be utilizing both main and warehouse doors.
  • JK – Gr.2 students will be dismissed from the main doors, while Gr.3 – 6 students will be dismissed from the warehouse. (This is subject to warehouse construction status)
  • Names will be called via a wireless microphone and speaker system as soon as the parent or caregiver has arrived at the doors.
  • Students whose parents have not arrived will be placed in the after-school program and will be charged a fee.
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"I feel excited coming to AHC Academy each day! I learn a lot everyday!" Subhan - Grade 3
Abu Huraira Center Academy
“I feel excited coming to AHC Academy each day! I learn a lot everyday!” Subhan – Grade 3
"I love AHC Academy! I learn about salah, math, and I have so much fun!"  Mariam - Grade 2
Abu Huraira Center Academy
“I love AHC Academy! I learn about salah, math, and I have so much fun!”  Mariam – Grade 2
Abu Huraira Center Academy
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