Our Vision

The Abu Huraira Center Academy is committed to providing our pupils with a rich Islamic curriculum based on the Holy Qur’an and the Authentic Sunnah combined with an in-depth academic education. This will provide our students with a holistic, well-rounded education. Our welcoming learning environment is designed for children to learn through exploration and hands-on experience. We facilitate classes that support the individual learning style of each pupil in order to allow them to learn, grow and thrive. Our vision is to create the next generation of Muslims who are well rounded, knowledgeable individuals.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Abu Huraira is to provide:

  • Holistic education that incorporates Islamic and academic studies in the classroom.
  • Teach young pupils different elements of the Deen (such as pillars of Islam, pillars of Eaman, stories from the Quran, as well as learning how to perform Wudu and Salah)
  • Modeling good manners, values, and life skills for our young pupils so that they will take with them and be model citizens
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