Thank you for your interest in The Abu Huraira Center Academy. Admission is still open for January 2018 from KG - Grade 4. Please fill out the form below and bring it to the school office inshallah!

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Children enrolling in Abu Huraira Center Academy must be at least 4 years of age as at December 31st in the year in which they are applying and MUST be completely toilet trained.

Completed application form (from the school office)

•        $20 (non-refundable) application fee

•        Recent photo of the applicant

•        Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (or passport)

•        Copy of the applicant’s record of immunization

Once all admission procedures have been completed, you will be notified of the decision regarding your child. If your child is accepted, you will be required to enter into a contract with the AHC Academy, acknowledging the role that you are required to play.

The following fees will be applicable at that time:

  • Tuition fee for the month of September 2017, payable to the Abu Huraira Islamic School.
  • School supplies fee of $200 for the academic year.


The AHC Academy is committed to quality education at an affordable cost. We have reduced our fees out of consideration for those families who wish to send their children to the AHC Academy but find it financially difficult to do so. Also, we will be unable to reduce fees any further, or to consider any other special requests.

Fees 1st Child 2nd  Child 3rd  Child Additional children
Tuition $ 330 $ 315 $ 300
Application fee for new students (non-refundable) $20 per Student
School Supplies Fee (annual) $200 per student

Payment Options:

1) Pre-Authorized Payment

Our convenient Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, allows you to pay the exact amount – automatically from your bank account without having to remember to pay your child(s) school fees.

2) Pay in Person

You may also drop off the full payment in cash or cheque at the main office during school hours

Complete our registration form  to let us know that you
are interested in the Abu Huraira Center Academy!
Reach out to our administration for a full school tour! Contact us here to schedule a date that works best for you!
Please print out and fill the application form along with handing in the supplementary items requested on the form!
Do you know anyone who would be interested in bringing their child to AHC Academy? Receive a $50 discount on your child’s tuition if you refer a friend!
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"I feel excited coming to AHC Academy each day! I learn a lot everyday!" Subhan - Grade 3
“I feel excited coming to AHC Academy each day! I learn a lot everyday!” Subhan – Grade 3
"I love AHC Academy! I learn about salah, math, and I have so much fun!"  Mariam - Grade 2
“I love AHC Academy! I learn about salah, math, and I have so much fun!”  Mariam – Grade 2
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